Student Transportation Gets Slow Makeover

Students last year voted for Measure S, an initiative that added eight dollars to quarterly fees in order to fund much-needed shuttles for ASUCI shuttle services. As of now, only about $10,000 of the $320,000 available per year from the initiative has been spent.
The California Air Resources Board requires that only environmentally-friendly buses be added to ASUCI’s current fleet, as the school has reached its limit of allowable diesel fuel usage. The buses of choice are compressed natural gas buses, which are expected to eventually replace the entire current fleet of biodiesel buses.
According to Director of Shuttle Services Tim Rudek, ordering the buses is more complex than it may seem.
‘[ASUCI] is waiting to get on a production order to purchase CNG vehicles,’ Rudek said. ‘It’s not like we can go to a lot and say ‘Oh, I want that one.’ Each one is custom built. [Bus manufacturers] deal with hundreds of vehicles at a time