Reel Big Fish Show Ska is Still Rockin’

This Halloween, old-school ska band Reel Big Fish rocked the House of Blues in Anaheim with other groups of the same genre. The two most entertaining bands, Suburban Legends and Reel Big Fish, were decked out in festive costumes as they gave fans a Halloween celebration.
Ska shows are unique among most rock concerts because the bands have horn sections, enjoy wearing colorful suits and make jokes instead of whining on stage in skin-tight girls’ pants or screaming in all black clothing. The pits are always energetic without presenting any serious threat of injury.
Reel Big Fish released their first hit CD ‘Turn the Radio Off’ in 1996. Lead singer/guitarist Aaron Barrett says they’ve got at least another 15 years left. Highlights at their Halloween concert included the band’s scariest song, ‘Skatanic,’ and cross-genre interpretations of the song ‘S.R.,’ a ‘special, special’ treat, as singer, guitarist and trumpet player Scott Klopfenstein announced between every variation.
Before the show, Barrett and Klopfenstein let the New University drop by for an interview.

New University: Is there anything behind the name Reel Big Fish?
Barrett and Klopfenstein: Hilarity!
Klopfenstein: Plus we figured there wouldn’t be any other bands named Reel Big Fish.
Barrett: There is a bait store in Hawaii called Reel Big Fish.
Klopfenstein: There’s also one in Seal Beach