A Road Trip at 50 Miles Per Gallon

Jan Smith is a self-proclaimed free spirit. Last summer, he finally achieved one of his lifetime goals of going on a cross-country road trip.
‘I’ve always had an idyllic view of the open road,’ said the fourth-year English major, who drove his 2000 biodiesel-fueled Volkswagen Jetta for 33 days and 9,000 miles across the United States, visiting friends and family and getting in touch with nature.
Originally, a friend was supposed to accompany Smith during his trip, but when plans fell through, there was no stopping his voyage.
His first stop was at Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico, where he went 750 feet underground to see ‘massive rock formations’ made from the dripping of limestone-tainted water.
After New Mexico, Smith headed to New Orleans. Getting there was difficult because he faced thunderstorms. He met further difficulties in Houston, Texas, where he was deterred from getting biodiesel gas for his ‘vegetarian car’