DAC Drops Dead for Darfur

During a Darfur Action Committee rally last Monday at UC Irvine, the beat of drums coincided with the cheers of members who proudly displayed posters calling to ‘Save Darfur.’ Darfur is a region in Sudan in which an estimated 400,000 people have been killed in what the U.S. government and others have called ‘genocide.’
DAC members with green T-shirts and ribbons passed out information on the situation in Darfur and offered to educate passersby on what actions can be taken in response.
DAC also set up a booth which was used for recruiting members, accepting donations and selling armbands promoting the message of peace.
But nothing was more effective than when DAC members put down their posters and fell dead on the ground, appearing as a mass of bodies clumped together. Smaller signs saying ‘I’m a Victim of Genocide’ lay strewn across their chests.
This method of protesting, referred to as a ‘die in,’ naturally sparked curiosity in some students, giving DAC the chance to further educate them on the situation in Darfur.
DAC Co-President Anita Issagholyan, a second-year political science and studio art double major, suggested how students could help with the situation in Darfur.
‘In order to decide what you want to contribute to Darfur, one must understand and be able to comprehend different outlooks and opinions regarding the multiple issues hovering over Darfur, such as the U.N. peace-keeping, U.S. intervention as well as economic or medical aid,’ Issagholyan said. ‘One thing is for certain