Guest’s New ‘Consideration’

Christopher Guest likes to make light of our everyday human idiosyncrasies through his films, including his latest, ‘For Your Consideration.’ He likes to poke fun at people’s obsessions and eccentricities. In ‘Best in Show,’ for example, Guest showcased the ridiculous intensity dog show enthusiasts have for their dogs and hilarity ensued.
‘For Your Consideration’ is no exception to Guest’s trend. This time, his iron fist of satire strikes all things Hollywood and the cesspool of the entertainment community. Here, director Jay Berman, played by Guest, shouts scene directions and gives actors exercises and pointers from behind a camera crew and a bologna sandwich. Berman’s fictional independent film ‘Home for Purim’ showcases the dramatic reunion of a Jewish family during a hallmark holiday as their mother lies pale and sickly on her deathbed.
Making Guest’s film possible is a motley cast of veteran actors, regulars at his caf