Media Critic Speaks at UCI

Today it’s easy to just blame the Bush Administration for the wrongs that have come out of the war on terror. Danny Schechter’s lecture and documentary screened on Nov. 6 revealed another culprit: the American media.
Schechter spoke at UC Irvine as the Associated Students of UC Irivine’s Academic Affairs Speaker, delivering his lecture to a crowded audience at the Engineering Lecture Hall.
Out of 800 news experts since the war began, only six opposed the war. A little biased? Schechter sure seems to think so. As a Cornell graduate, filmmaker and former producer for an array of major news networks, Schechter sees himself as an insider turned outsider. Schechter argued that the media dumbs down the news. ”The more you watch, the less you know,’ basically sums up my time with ABC and CNN,’ Schechter said.
Schechter claimed that America is a ‘media-ocracy’