Monday, July 13, 2020
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White House Keeping Tabs on Daniel Ortega

After being ‘laid off’ from his presidency back in 1990, former Marxist Daniel Ortega has once again retained his title as president of Nicaragua. So how does Ortega, president of such a poor, miniscule country, have any effect on the United States?
To answer this, we have to dig a little deeper into the vaults of Latin American history and see how the United States always seems to be stuck in the middle.
Nicaragua is the second-poorest country in the Americas, behind Haiti, and never recovered from the bloodshed the country suffered in the 1980s as a result of Contra rebels backed by the United States with the sole purpose of fighting Ortega and his Sandinista empire. Eventually, after 60,000 deaths and years of bloodshed, the people finally voted Ortega out in 1990, after which other presidents, backed by the United States, took control of the failing country only to lead it into major economic corruption.
The United States has never trusted