Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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A Lonely Soldier

Adam Harmon is an American citizen, but he once served for the Israeli Defense Forces and has written about his experiences. He spoke at UC Irvine on Monday, Nov. 6. The Anteaters for Israel co-sponsored the event with the College Republicans and the Young Democrats in order to promote what AFI called ‘awareness’ and ‘coalition building’ on the UC Irvine campus.
Harmon, whose book is titled ‘Lonely Soldier,’ described himself as coming from a ‘typical American Jewish family.’ Originally from New England, Harmon had the opportunity to visit Israel as a teenager in 1984, at which time he knew that he wanted to live there someday. In 1990, the Palestinian Intifada was well under way and Iraq was invading Kuwait. Harmon, who had only seen Israel through the eyes of a tourist, was just out of college and decided to join the Israeli military.
Harmon became known as a ‘chayal boded’ or ‘lonely soldier,’ the official term for a newcomer to Israel.
‘On the one hand, I’m an American