Political Cult Invades UCI: Don’t Be Deceived

You see them on campus with signs proclaiming the evils of the Bush Administration. You listen to their words and believe that they’re preaching freedom and liberty. And now, after being arrested during a protest at UC Irvine, you think that they’re martyrs for the First Amendment. However, do not be tricked by the LaRouche Youth Movement, a radical political cult fueled by conspiracy theories.
It is easy to look at the pictures of President George W. Bush as a monkey on their booths and think to yourself, ‘That’s funny. These people must be pretty cool.’ But these little displays are just attempts to lasso in ignorant college students who think of themselves as liberals.
If you go up to one of these recruiters and tell them that you’ve heard of their leader, Lyndon LaRouche, a look of surprise and hostility will appear on their faces, because they know that if you’ve heard of him and are not waving one of his pamphlets around with ecstatic glee, then you are against him.
Lyndon LaRouche has run for president in every election since 1976, but he has never been nominated as a candidate for any party. This is because of the disturbing beliefs he insists are true.
First of all, LaRouche scoffs at ‘the mythical ‘six million Jewish victims’ of the Nazi ‘Holocaust” in his 1978 article, ‘New Pamphlet to Document Cult Origins of Zionism.’ In the same article, he says that only about 1.5 million Jews died in Nazi Germany and holds that ‘what the Nazis did to Jewish victims was mild compared with the virtual extermination of gypsies and the butchery of Communists.’
Recruiters will tell you that LaRouche has never been an anti-Semite and has, in fact, written many pro-Jewish articles (which is true). However, if you look at the cover of the booklet that is now being handed out on the UCI campus (‘Is Joseph Goebbels on Your Campus?’) you’ll see pictures of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels and