UCIPD Went Overboard at Ayn Rand Event

Here in the United States, we like to think that our laws and law enforcement help to protect the innocent. People should have the peace of mind of knowing that before they can be arrested, they must commit a crime of some kind.

On Monday, Nov. 6, however, the UC Irvine Police Department arrested 15 people after they began singing to protest a guest speaker, an action which, according to Chief Paul Henisey, would not usually warrant arrest. But the singers were members of the LaRouche Youth Movement, which had previously heckled a guest speaker at the University of Southern California by throwing condoms and raw meat.

And there was one little detail omitted from the article I wrote last week (‘Fifteen Arrested at Ayn Rand Club Event,’ Nov. 13). UCIPD also threatened to arrest me for trying to get interviews at the scene.

When the arrests began, I was interviewing LYM members, but was asked to step aside for ‘right now.’ I complied and, once the detainees were sitting down and everything was calm, I tried to find a UCI student among the LaRouche members to interview. Here’s what happened, transcribed word for word off of my digital recorder:

Me: Hey, are any of you guys students here by any chance?
UCIPD: We need you to leave! You’re interfering.
Me: OK, sorry. Sorry sir.
UCIPD: And if you interrupt again, you’re going to be arrested. Do you understand?
Me: OK.
UCIPD: You’ve been warned two times now!
Me: OK, I’m sorry. Could any of you guys go on record after, after whatever you’re