A New Vegan Restaurant in UTC

The recently opened Veggie Grill is not the first vegan restaurant in Orange County (a quick Internet search yields at least seven such establishments), but when it comes to UC Irvine students, Veggie Grill has one clear advantage over its competitors: convenience.
Not only is the restaurant just a few minutes from campus on foot (next to Trader Joe’s in University Center), but it also has embraced a fast-food identity to a greater degree than many similar establishments, which means quicker service and the ability to get anything ‘to go.’
For busy students who are looking for something a little more upscale than the standard fast-food fare but who don’t have time to go to a sit-down restaurant, Veggie Grill is a good choice.
But convenience alone does not make for a good restaurant. Fortunately, Veggie Grill offers a number of delicious menu items that would make it worth a visit even if it were not so close.
Eschewing the ‘ethnic food’ approach of many vegetarian eateries, Veggie Grill offers primarily vegan takes on American sandwiches and burgers