Discomforting ‘Flannel Pajamas’

There is something a little discomforting about ‘Flannel Pajamas,’ which opened Friday, Nov. 24 at the Edwards University Center as the third film screened at ‘Sneak Previews With Michael Berlin.’ It wasn’t until well after I walked out of the theater that I was able to figure out what was wrong.
The film begins with the first blind date of Nicole (Julianne Nicholson) and Stuart (Justin Kirk), who seem to have some immediate chemistry. Nicole is a reserved but open girl with dreams of writing cookbooks and becoming a famous chef. Stuart works in the business of group sales for Broadway productions, a job that essentially consists of making up stories to make things sound more interesting than they are.
The opening scene in a New York restaurant introduces all the main characters, including Nicole’s best friend Tess (Chelsea Altman) and Stuart’s eccentric brother Jordan (Jamie Harrold), and while the scene moves a little too quickly for all these characters to make sense initially, it sets the tone for the film to follow: complicated, risky and maybe a little dishonest.
Nicole and Stuart progress from casual dating to moving in together