Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Drake Elected to Health Board

The California Healthcare Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to the advocacy and research of life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceutical sciences, medical device innovation and public policy, elected UC Irvine Chancellor Michael Drake to its Board of Directors on Nov. 15.
As a CHI director, Drake will work with the board to promote the CHI’s mission to work with state, federal and international government and public health agencies to engineer technologies that play a role in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.
‘Chancellor Drake will be part of a visionary group of men and women who represent the best in academic research, biopharmaceuticals and medical technology, along with leaders in finance and venture capital, who are shaping the political dialogue and educating health policy leaders,’ said CHI President and Chief Executive Officer David L. Gollaher. ‘UCI’s interest in areas like stem cell research, translational medicine and oncology are of great interest to CHI’s new members.’
The CHI was established in 1993 in San Diego, California as an independent organization that is now comprised of over 250 leading biotechnology, diagnostics and pharmaceutical companies. Public and private research organizations work with CHI, along with companies that produce medical devices and promote biomedical innovation. CHI advocates public policy and strives to stimulate scientific discovery among its partnered institutions and organizations by supporting elaborate academic research and investing in bioinformatics.
‘The CHI board offers Chancellor Drake [the opportunity to] to expand his network, and to build new relationships with industry leaders and lawmakers,’ Gollaher said. ‘The CHI Board of Directors will offer a new forum for him to access information about life sciences innovation and health care trends and diverse opinion at the intersection of health policy, research and business. His decision-making should benefit from exposure to new people and new ideas.’
The CHI strives to promote the health interests of the community in its scientific and legislative endeavors by providing a forum on public policy issues and communicating the costs, benefits and advancements of current health care and biomedical technology to public officials, health care providers, patients and the general public.
‘By participating as a leader in CHI’s broad-based healthcare coalition, Drake will have the opportunity to connect with political leaders in Sacramento and Washington,’ Gollaher said. ‘CHI’s main focus is on the importance of life sciences