James Bond Returns in All His ‘Royale’ Glory

A blond Bond, an obscure Bond girl and no laser beam of death waiting to melt the polar ice caps as part of a plot to take over the world? This all spells out the best Bond movie possible.
The opening scene of ‘Casino Royale,’ the grainy black-and-white shot of James Bond (Daniel Craig) finishing his first kill and the legendary cinematic shot of Agent 007 shooting into the camera are sure to transfix any audience.
The premise of ‘Casino Royale’ is simple. It was the first 007 book written by Ian Fleming and, as such, is the beginning of the Bond saga.
In it, the civilian Bond, a humble soldier of the Queen, became James Bond, playboy and charming bad-ass. It is also the first movie in which Bond seems like a real man. In the previous movies, he’s a campy semi-chauvinist who drives fast cars, enjoys fast women, drinks martinis and skips around the globe with abandon. Some might say he’s living the ultimate adult male fantasy