Letters to the Editor

Complaints About Culture, iPods, on the Money

Kudos to both Jesse Nickles (‘American Culture: A Contradiction in Terms,’ Nov. 19) and Bill Repking (‘iPods Isolate, Alienate Us,’ Nov. 19) for their recent opinion pieces in the New University. These fine, upstanding young men have the courage to say what we’re all thinking: Things used to be better.

I applaud Nickles’ even-handed treatment of the political divide which has sprung up in this country in the last few years. His statement that Democrats ‘want to murder unborn babies’ couldn’t be more, and his evocation of Christ’s suffering on the cross is completely.

Furthermore, his shrewd insights into gender issues in this great country of ours are right on the money. ‘Women demand equal responsibilities in the workplace,’ he writes, ‘but still expect men to hold open the door for them.’ I agree wholeheartedly. It’s about time we stopped treating women as equals in the workplace, as Nickles suggests. If you want me to hold open a door, madame, it’s going to cost you