Second-Year Jewelry Designer Catches Eyes of Celebrities

Tyra Banks, Lindsay Lohan, Leeza Gibbons and Danna Devyn (of ‘Extra TV’) are only a few names in DAYS By Stepania’s customer base. At only 19, Stephanie Shkolnik, a second-year economics major at UC Irvine, has been designing and producing jewelry collections that have caught the eyes of several celebrities.
Amazingly, Shkolnik’s jewelry line began only one year ago. Her venture into the jewelry business was guided by her mother, who is a designer as well.
Shkolnik started by publicizing her mother’s products to boutiques in the San Diego area. She experienced some difficulties in marketing high-end products, and soon realized a greater potential for marketing jewelry to boutiques.
‘Although having a high-end line was not an easy sell, I saw great potential to market to small boutiques in the area, and quickly realized that in order to do that, I would have to have more reasonably-priced pieces,’ Shkolnik said.
Her mother then offered her the opportunity to ‘take over the business and expand it to be more affordable to people [her] age.’ Thus, she initiated DAYS By Stepania. Her high-end pieces retail from $135 to $500, and her newest Fleur de Lys collection retails from $45 to $75. Shkolnik describes her jewelry style as ‘unique and classy, yet chic