A New, Modern-Day Love Story

Nicholas Sparks comes back to readers with another classic romantic story in ‘Dear John.’ Set in North Carolina, ‘Dear John’ is about a young man who enlists in the Army after barely graduating from high school and struggles to establish a meaningful relationship with his father.
On one of his leaves, he falls in love with Savannah, a college girl. When he returns to base in Germany, Savannah writes him ‘Dear John’ letters. Their love grows, and she vows to wait for him. She even works to repair a seemingly hopeless father-son relationship, for which John is deeply grateful to her. However, months before his tour of duty ends, the attacks of Sept. 11 occur and John feels compelled to re-enlist and fight for his country. They struggle to keep their love alive and Savannah must choose whether to wait for John or move on. Her choice and his return are what makes this book a touching love story.
Nicholas Sparks doesn’t stray from his bestselling formula of romance, sadness and redemption. With smooth writing and simple characters, Sparks manages to lift the reader into a world of unrealistic love. He is daring enough to attempt a Sept. 11 twist in what seems to be an old time love story and the reader expects the heartfelt emotion we all associate with it. But Sparks fails to include details of the war that would make it seem post-Sept. 11 and the story ends up feeling like it could be about any war.
Sparks fans won’t complain, as his writing is still heart wrenching and tear-jerking. He includes every clich