Avoiding My Arch Nemesis, ‘Year Pressure,’ and Living My Life

We constantly hear about peer pressure, but what about ‘year pressure?’
With a fresh new year at our heels, it’s only typical for us to make resolutions, whether they are big or small, crucial or trivial, many or few. I, for one, tend to place a great deal of pressure on myself with the coming of a new year, mainly because I am neurotic, self-critical and occasionally insecure (and by ‘occasionally’ I mean ‘quite frequently’).
Therefore, New Year’s is exciting yet incredibly overwhelming. Since I am writing this for both my benefit as well as yours, I’m going to bite the bullet and share a few of my New Year’s resolutions with you. In no particular order, they are: to become a more secure individual, follow through with my good intentions, and not let the unknown of the future stress me out. Sure, these three resolutions are all legit (at least in my opinion), but if you’re anything like me (and I pray that you’re not), you have the not-so-healthy habit of putting an immense amount of pressure on yourself to accomplish goals, so much that if you don’t, you’re a failure.
See? I seem to have fallen victim to what I like to call ‘year pressure.’ And I’m sure others have in the past, too. So, in honor of a brand spanking New Year, I’ve made a groundbreaking resolution: avoid ‘year pressure’ and give in to living. Broad? Perhaps, but this way, my evil nemesis ‘year pressure’ is off my shoulders, allowing me to embrace the life I wish to live, for myself and myself alone.
Selfish? Maybe, but sometimes, in life, selfish is exactly what we need to be.