MR CHOW in Beverly Hills: First-Class With a Huge Bill!

The combination of classic Chinese cuisine, art and the constant patronage of celebrities heavily contributes to the distinguished reputation of MR CHOW.
The high-profile Beverly Hills restaurant is much more than the latest celebrity hangout spot. It rather proudly lives on a legacy of fine dining. Going back more than three decades, the cuisine is nothing short of euphoric, the service is impeccable and the experience will never be forgotten.
The creator of MR CHOW is, appropriately, Michael Chow, designer, painter, actor, entrepreneur, art collector and director.
He opened four other restaurants in London and Miami and two in New York. All are considered five-star and have a dedicated fan base including international stars and regular Joes like you and me.
Large glass doors open to a highly contemporary and chic atmosphere. Surprisingly, the area is much smaller than one would think, and tables are considerably cramped together. However, you forget about the walk to your table because you are distracted by an unconscious eagerness to find someone famous.
Sadly, I encountered no one of significance but it is known that on Wednesdays and Thursdays, the paparazzi swarm the streets outside as MR CHOW becomes the haven for ‘regulars’ such as Nick Lachey, Nicole Richie and Beyonce.
Menus are not presented unless specifically requested. Our server explained to my party of newbies that appetizers, side dishes, main courses and deserts are at the discretion of the chef.
However, if one is unsatisfied with any choice, the server will take it back to the kitchen and come out with a new dish for their guests to try