Reviews of Movies I Haven’t Seen

‘Codename: The Cleaner’
Cedric the Entertainer certainly lives up to his name in this new comedy, playing a character who simply screams ‘Cedric,’ providing some much-needed slapstick comic relief in this otherwise dour drama about an illegal immigrant hired by the CIA to literally ‘clean house.’ Cedric’s surname does double-duty here as well, although there’s a disappointing lack of focus on his middle name, and the film seriously suffers from this unreasonable aversion to definite articles. Co-stars Lucy Liu as an ice cream saleswoman.

‘The Pursuit of Happyness’
Will Smith returns to his comic roots in this wacky tale of corporate shark whose poor spelling skills hold him back in the dog-eat-dog world of barbecue salesmen. Smith plays his character’s arrogance to the hilt, which makes the valuable lessons he learns that much more effective. Watch out for the climactic spelling bee scene. Will he finally be able to spell the elusive noun form of the quality of being happy? Check it out for yourself. Thandie Newton co-stars as the letter ‘M.’

‘Night at the Museum’
Ben Stiller stars in this Hollywood biopic of Jack Night, best known for his work on the 1996 Pamela Anderson vehicle, ‘Barb Wire’ (look it up). From his early days as a busboy in Kansas City’s own Martha’s Kentucky Kitchen to his brief but hilarious career as a used car salesman in Michigan to his harrowing service as a jungle sniper in the Vietnam conflict to his failed attempt at space travel to his successful tiger-wrestling operation in Bali to his deep-sea treasure diving off the coast of the Azores to his work as a house cleaner for the CIA, this film never quite touches on his work in ‘Barb Wire.’ Also, there is no mention of a museum, which is sure to disappoint Stiller fans. Look for a cameo by Julie Night, star of 2004’s direct-to-video thriller ‘Attack of the Virgin Mummies’ (look it up). Co-stars Mickey Rooney as Vietnam.

‘Charlotte’s Web’
The literary classic gets a modern update in this new film adaptation. Steve Buscemi is a New York dry cleaner who gets wrapped up in a top-secret FBI investigation of a serial killer when his wife disappears on her way to the supermarket. Before he knows it, he’s lost in a world of spies, lies, and private eyes. Little does he know that FBI agent Charlotte (Julia Roberts) is the mastermind behind it all, and by the time he figures it out he’s so caught up in her web of deceit that