What the Real World Actually Looks Like From Up Here

Something kind of magical, kind of liberating and kind of scary happens after Winter Break for a graduating senior.
The magical part is that you can’t believe how you got to the point of having only two quarters of undergrad left. The liberating part comes when you walk through campus and look at the lower classmen who still have many more classes, 3,000-word-plus papers, killer finals, break-ups and make-ups, best friend swapping, Saturday morning hangovers, apartment hunting, on-campus activities to become involved in and jobs or internships to obtain and keep. You feel a true sense of accomplishment.
Lastly, the scary part comes soon when you realize that you have no idea where you will be this time next year, where you will be working or going to school, who you will be dating, living with, fighting with and how your new self will measure up to the person you will ultimately have to leave behind in June 2007.
Therefore, this column is the real true story, of seven graduating seniors, who picked UCI for undergrad, met and became friends, and are all on the road to graduating in June. There will be happiness and disappointment and life dreams that come true, and those dreams that die before they even begin. But no matter what, these seven people, who all have different college experiences and have different goals for their post-graduate future, will show what thrusted into the real world actually looks like.
Stay tuned