Around the Ring

UCI Experts Say School Is the Safest Place for Kids Despite Rare Incidents

Associate Professor of Psychology and Social Behavior, Elizabeth Cauffman, affirms that schools are the safest place for adolescents and violence usually occurs after school, off campus. In response to concerns about recent events that have threatened youth safety, Cauffman says such events are rare.

Cauffman researches school violence and juvenile delinquency. The use of metal detectors and zero tolerance policies do more harm than good, because these policies create feelings of resentment, and more suitable alternatives include encouraging students to get connected and involved.

The involvement of parents, faculty and the community in students’ lives prevents violence in schools

Professor of Criminology and Law Comments on Killing of Three-Year-Old

Professor James Diego Vigil offered insight in a recent article on the gang-related drive-by killing of a three-year-old in El Monte. According to Vigil, while most gang members are active in advertising murders in the community in order to gain respect, this instance is different because of the age of the child and attention the death has brought to the community.