ASUCI Executives Push for Bren Events Center Reform

The Associated Students of UC Irvine executives have become concerned with several of the Bren Events Center policies. They have made it a priority this academic year to help make changes in the way the facility is run, aiming specifically to address an alleged budget deficit, the center’s reliance on student fees for operation and the balance of scheduling between athletics, student organizations and outside vendors.
The first order of business for a meeting of the ASUCI executives is scheduling for the Bren Events Center student advisory board to meet, which met only once last year in the spring. This board is made up of student representatives, community members, alumni and faculty and makes advisory decisions regarding Bren policies and to waivers for clubs wishing to use the facility.
‘We’re very glad the Bren Events Center Board is finally set to meet early this quarter so that we can at least sit down and talk about the important issues facing the Bren and work toward developing an action plan,’ said Vice President of Student Services Rosanna Huang.
At the end of last year, the Bren Events Center Board compiled a report detailing how often different groups