Clash of the 21st-Century Titans: Why I’m on Team Donald Trump

I really don’t know what it is about this Donald Trump vs. Rosie O’Donnell battle that has been raging since late last year but all I can say is that this shit keeps writing itself and it’s the kind of shit that most of us live for.
Like all human beings, Rosie has made a few mistakes by throwing a false accusation or two at other well-known on-air personalities (i.e. Kelly Ripa) and has sprinkled a handful of racially derogatory statements here and there (for those of you who need a Rosie O’Donnell translation of this column, I believe it would be, ‘Ching chang changity chong ching’), yet when it came to America’s lovely new Miss USA Tara Connor, all bets were off as Rosie went after this Tara Reid wannabe, only to butt heads with the ultimate arbiter of underage drinking and drug offences, Donald Trump.
Scandalous photos of Miss USA surfaced and under pressure to revoke her crown, Trump gave her a second chance. O’Donnell then questioned what makes Trump such a moral authority that he could make such a decision.
The resulting clash has reached epic proportions of quality entertainment.
Rosie may have done her research in order to oust the skeletons fromTrump’s closet via her Web site, even getting the usually buttoned-up Barbara Walters to give a few scolding remarks about Trump, yet even though the feud isn’t quite finished (who knows if it’ll ever end?), I’m holding open the gate for Trump to have him enter the winner’s circle.
First off, this man has the guts to straight-up call her a loser, say she is ‘unattractive inside and out’ and threaten to send one of his friends over to steal Rosie’s girlfriend, all on national television.
Them’s fightin’ words and Trump is just not afraid to take on the loud-mouthed troll. Even though Rosie points out Trump’s past with adultery and monetary matters, it still makes Trump seem like an even bigger pimp for his ability to have a harem and amass enough money to live his lavish lifestyle.
Trump’s version of Rosie’s tale of being a ‘failed talk show host,’ being ‘dangerous for [The View]’ and having a failed magazine seemed to deliver a blow that made Rosie lag in this media brawl. The lady has been awfully quiet with her latest retaliation, which only involves a vague poem on her Web site and a depiction of Trump on a cake titled, ‘him.’
Yet the real factor that bestows the WWF champion belt of bickering to Trump is the fact that this man can still have this bullet train of insults rocketing across every media outlet though it’s been derailed.
Some may call his tactics childish but I guess you could see this guy as a legend (and I’m not just talking about the hair) with a shield made out of money bestowed upon him by the real estate gods, because at the moment it doesn’t look like anything is going to stop Trump from doing whatever the hell he wants and it’s even more doubtful that anyone even has the capability to take him down.
So Mr. Trump, keep on marching with your tirade against Rosie because America has got time to kill while ‘Lost’ is on hiatus.