Friedlander Improvises Better Than You

Judah Friedlander is better than you at everything.
If you work out two hours a day, he works out nine. If you have kids, his are better. He’s never been sick because he’s ‘always been perfect.’ And he rigged all the lights in the Irvine Improv in one minute. Without a ladder.
Friedlander, who began his four-night run at the Improv on Thursday, Jan. 11, is the world champion.
Until he runs out of audience members, Friedlander will never run out of jokes. His routine is almost completely based on audience interaction. Devoid of political humor, the ’30 Rock’ star uses a mix of practical humor, ego-fueled exaggeration and overuse of the word ‘shit.’
What makes the act so consistently successful is not always the jokes themselves, but their delivery. In a low, dry voice, Friedlander delivers his jokes with very little enthusiasm while still making his characteristic hyperbolic claims.
The best audience interaction of the night came when Friedlander asked a woman about her kids. After explaining that she had a 10-year old, a nine-year old, a four-year old and a 10-month-old baby, Friedlander naturally told her about his (nonexistent kids), who are 11 years old, 10 years old, 5 years old and 13 months old