Senior Class Brings Anteater to Santa Ana Zoo

‘Zot zot!’ cried Peter the Anteater.
No, not the man-sized stuffed anteater you see UC Irvine’s basketball games. It is the real life giant anteater crying to come to Orange County and awaiting its life in the new grasslands exhibit at the Santa Ana Zoo.
UCI’s Class of ’07 senior gift requires raising enough funds to build a new exhibit where a giant anteater or myrmecophaga tridactyla can live. They wanted to carry on the tradition of our mascot and give back to the community by bringing Peter to the Santa Ana Zoo so that students, alumni and the community can share in a bonding and educational experience.
If the funds are raised by the expected date in August, it will take an additional 18 months to build the exhibit and bring Peter to Orange County.
‘Having such an icon brings communities together and allows generations of students to share stories and a common bond, reminisce and stay connected to each other and their alma mater,’ said Jorge E. Ancona, assistant vice chancellor for alumni relations.
The UCI Alumni Association assisted by UCI Student Affairs has teamed up with the Santa Ana Zoo to bring the anteater exhibit to life. Interest is spreading like wildfire among alumni.
The goal is to raise half a million dollars to create a grassland exhibit that will display not only the giant anteater but guanacos