Zotlink Connects Students to Jobs

Many say that the biggest obstacle in securing a career is experience, which is often obtained through jobs and internships. Zotlink, a site maintained by the Career Center, can help students in their job-searching.
Zotlink was first released in July 2004 as a replacement for MonsterTrak due to a change in the UC Regents privacy policy.
On the site, there are jobs and internships available to undergraduates, graduates and alumni. Students in any major or concentration can use the search engine to find something that interests them. For example, an advanced search on Zotlink for the Claire Trevor School of Arts drew about 20 hits. The listings included a Spring internship for Universal Music Group and a part-time job or internship for Lifetime television as a publicity intern focusing on copy.
Though some students find valuable experience through Zotlink, others fail to find results that will supplement their majors, especially smaller majors such as art history and literary journalism.However, it has been useful for many students.
‘Every time I browse the site, I find something interesting or new. It definitely made looking for a job way simpler and I’ve always found success with it,’ said Jessica Lundeen, a fifth-year art history major who found an internship with the Orange County Museum of Art through Zotlink and a job as a Title I tutor for the Orange County Department of Education.
Some students encountered difficulties with Zotlink while searching for a job.
‘I used Zotlink to find a full-time job, but problems arose when recruiters would put up certain requirements but not communicate them clearly. It was a good resource, fairly helpful and, despite minor technical problems, the Career Center was really prompt in remedying the situation,’ said Vivian Duong, fourth-year psychology and social behavior major. ‘Overall, Zotlink was helpful in finding a full time job and I would highly recommend it.’
Michael Uemura, fourth-year civil engineering major nailed a job immediately on Zotlink. And though he did not feel competent at first, ‘the Zotlink led me to various workshops … and prepared me as a fully confident candidate.’
Zotlink does not cater to one specific major, but most jobs and internships listed are for students in the School of Social Sciences. These employment opportunities deal mostly with finance and business, especially in the areas of auditing, sales and public relations. There are also hundreds of jobs and internships for students in the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences as well as the Henry Samueli School of Engineering.
The listings on Zotlink provide interested students with a sufficient amount of information pertaining to the job or internship listed and the employer. Zotlink also provides employee profiles. There are at least 4,000 employers listed on the site, with contact information, overviews and available positions.
Recently, Zotlink was upgraded with new features to make searching for a job or an internship easier and more effective. The upgraded version of Zotlink, released in July 2006, is more integrated and user-friendly.
‘The student and employer response has been positive. I love the system, it’s pretty intuitive and students can follow it without a lot of instruction,’ said Michelle Foley, recruiting coordinator for the Career Center.
The upgraded version of Zotlink has made it simpler to manage job searching. By integrating everything into one site. There is information about workshops and events the Career Center is holding, such as annual Career Fairs and employer information sessions. Students can upload and store resumes and cover letters for specific employers, then submit resumes and reply to job listings online. Students can also sign up for on-campus interviews. Lastly, students can set up Job Search Agents that notify them when new positions are posted that match the students’ employment preferences.
The success of Zotlink in helping students is evident in the number of visits it receives. Last year, the site received a total of 95,587 visits with 44,200 unique visitors. There are 6,858 active users of the site.
Students who are enrolled on campus are already registered on Zotlink. Zotlink is also a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers, a nonprofit organization that works to promote equal opportunity and diversity.