100 Films in 24 Hours: Mad Film Dash

The 24-Hour Mad Film Dash III is coming.
It’s bigger than you remember, with nearly 100 teams of UC Irvine students expected to participate in this year’s rush to create a five-minute film from concept to finish in just 24 hours.
The Computer Store-organized event had 27 teams its first year, 78 last year and is hoping to break 100 this year.
Third-year film and media studies major Morgan Swift participated in UCI’s inaugural 24-Hour Mad Film Dash and is now a marketing coordinator for the Computer Store.
When asked what strategies this Mad Film Dash veteran had for interested teams, Swift immediately said, ‘Don’t sleep. We’ve changed the rules a little bit to encourage not sleeping.’
With so many ideas brainstormed by teams in just 24 hours, some are bound to be unused. But Swift is quick to point out that the Mad Film Dash ‘feeds xZotica, the end-of-the-year film festival’ which features work completed by UCI students during the school year.
The more rigid Mad Film Dash rules this year are intended to function as an equalizer, the most creative team with the best story should win, not the team with the most expensive camera equipment.
‘[There is] a lot more focus on the prompt this year