Daphne Loves Derby Prepares ‘Good Night, Witness Light’

It was Daphne Loves Derby’s second concert at the Chain Reaction on Saturday, Jan. 20. Before the concert promoting their sophomore record, ‘Good Night, Witness Light,’ due out March 27, 19-year-old drummer Stu Clay shared a few words on the recent happenings with Daphne Loves Derby.

New University: A poem by Robert Frost called ‘The Beech’ is posted on your Web site. So who’s the Frost fan?
Stu Clay: That would be Kenny. He loves Robert Frost and that’s actually where the title of our new record ‘Good Night, Witness Light’ comes from.
New U: Your first single from your sophomore album is ‘That’s Our Hero Shot.’ Why did you choose that song?
Clay: We just thought it gave us … a different feel than any of the other songs we’ve put out there. We just wanted to show people a different side of us [and] show a little more musicianship. Just show that we’ve grown as a band and stuff like that.
New U: Your last record was in 2005 but what have you guys been up to since then?
Clay: We’ve done a lot of touring. We went to the studio in October? September? Something like that, and we went for a month and a half. Before that, we were just touring, writing and we went on some of the coolest tours with Copeland. It’s been a lot of fun
New U: Is there a prominent theme of this upcoming release?
Clay: Not too much. Kenny knows more about that than me. Kenny writes all the lyrics and stuff. But for this album we were listening to lot of old stuff like James Taylor and The Eagles and like a lot of new stuff too. We just wanted to make it as diverse as we could and bring in different kinds of instruments and try to expand on the basic ‘it’s a rock song’ kind of thing.
New U: What are your top three songs from your new release?
Clay: I’m still in the phase where I just know them by their sample names, but I’ll just say the sample names. I do like ‘That’s Our Hero Shot,’ and that’s the real name. And then the one we played live, I have no clue what it’s called actually but we call it ‘Suck It,’ and then my favorite one we call ‘Diddy.’
New U: So what was the inspiration for ‘Suck It’?
Clay: I don’t know. I have no idea. I need to study that. Our second single is the favorite song on the record, which is the ‘Diddy’ one. It’s upbeat and poppy.
New U: Have you tested out these new songs on the crowds yet?
Clay: We’re testing out two new songs tonight. One of them is the acoustic song off the record. Then we’re also playing the ‘Suck It’ one