Getting to Know Your Athletic Director

Bob Chichester became the Athletic Director of UC Irvine in September 2002 shortly after Dan Guerrero resigned to accept the AD position at UCLA. During the past four and a half years, Chichester has successfully overseen all 23 sports programs at UCI. He sat down with the New University to discuss the future of the UCI sports and give students a first-hand look at the daily operations his work entails.

New University: How did you initially become an athletic director?
Chichester: I was on the legal staff at the University of Colorado and had the opportunity to work on a number of athletic-related issues out of the legal office at the University of Colorado. And because of the success we had on those issues, I was offered a chance to move into the athletic department to work on some administrative issues. I took that opportunity and moved into the athletic department in 1998.
New U: You were quite an athlete yourself playing multiple sports in high school and college. What is your favorite sport?
Chichester: Well, today I will say that I have 23 favorite sports. Because we have 23 sports programs here at UC Irvine. But growing up my favorite sport was probably baseball. And then it became basketball.
New U: What positions did you play in each sport?
Chichester: In baseball, pitcher and infield, and the [small forward] in basketball.
New U: Who is your favorite athlete and why?
Chichester: Probably depends upon the era. I would say Jackie Robinson. And if you give me the chance to mention a couple, I would say that I was a big Lakers fan, so let me say three Lakers that I really liked: Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West. If you let me pick two other [athletes] it would be Willie Mays