Iranian Threat Proving to Be Imminent

More than half of Americans believe that Iran does not represent an imminent danger to the United States, according to a poll conducted by CBS last June.
Considering recent developments in the Middle East, Iran’s repeated refusal to abide by U.N. regulations and continuous threats against Western culture, I would hope that people are becoming aware that Iran’s government is more than a mild threat.
When it comes to exhibiting calculated disdain for the United States, Israel, Europe and the International Atomic Energy Agency over nuclear enrichment, the Iranian regime is like North Korea on steroids, with 40 percent of the world’s available oil and an unfathomable eagerness to terrorize the world. The government in Tehran is dishonest, deceitful and disingenuous.
Iran is a very real and imminent threat not only to national security but also to even modest world stability, let alone peace.
The current ruling theocracy is hazardous and confining. Most Iranians