Student Center Set to Open Fall ’07

After a year and a half of unsightly and inconvenient construction, the new Student Center is starting to take form and students can expect it to be fully functional, as planned, by fall 2007.
‘The Student Center will be up and running at the beginning of Welcome Week,’ said UC Irvine Student Center Board Vice-Chair Priya Patel. ‘The grand opening events for the Student Center are currently scheduled to take place during mid-October and will span over a week, having different activities, give-aways, contests and specials attracting students to come check out their new Student Center.’
As of now, the only completed parts of the project are Starbucks and the outside of the Crystal Cove Auditorium. However, according to Student Center Director Marc Tuchman, ‘The entire project will be completed this coming summer. Both the Student Center and the Cross-Cultural Center will open for the Fall 2007 quarter.
The completed size of the new Student Center will be 287,000 square feet, a 75 percent increase in size. The Student Center will have 19 new meeting or conference rooms, 10 new small-group study rooms, computer labs, a graduate student lounge, a student organization lounge and also an outdoor terrace with a permanent stage.
Students unhappy with the current options for food on campus will be pleased to find that there will be not one but two food courts, one Italian-style court with pizza, pasta and a fresh salad bar and another with vendors such as Quizno’s, Rice Garden, Tortilla Express and Wendy’s. This is all in addition to the Anthill Pub and Grille and the Zot-N-Go convenience store.
‘The Student Center will also be a place for students to relax in between classes or even go grab a beer and some food at the pub or from the many vendors set to take place in the food courts,’ said Patel.
The Student Center will house many services and departments including Associated Students of UC Irvine, Dean of Students, FedEx Kinko’s and the Zot Zone Games Room.
‘As a board, we feel that the Student Center has come to represent a feeling of home to all UCI students. It was, and will once again be, a place where students can go and feel at home,’ said Patel.
Students can visit to get a glimpse of what is going on at the Student Center.