Which Team Will Win the Super Bowl? Bears.

The Bears will win the Super Bowl because defense wins championships. Granted, the Colts have Peyton Manning, arguably the best quarterback ever to lace up the boots statistically speaking, and the Bears have an inconsistent quarterback in Rex Grossman.
The main factors in why the Bears will win: Peyton Manning has never won the big game. Manning’s greatness as a regular-season quarterback is undeniable, but his resume in the post season is less then stellar.
Is it unfair to blame Manning for his team’s lack of postseason success? Of course. Football is a team sport and the play of one individual should not determine the outcome of the game. Well, it does! Winning is like most anything else: You must learn how to do it.
Peyton Manning has yet to learn how to win the big game. Manning’s past career is full of great statistical feats. However one he has yet to get under his belt is a championship. To my knowledge, Peyton Manning never won a high school state championship, a college football national championship and, to this point, a Super Bowl championship.
The Bears defense will be up to the task. If the Bears lose it will not be because their defense did not show up for the game; it will be because their offense did not do its job, keeping Peyton Manning and the Colts offense off the field by utilizing a solid ball-controlled, run-oriented, smash-mouth brand of football.
The Bears’ defense does, however, have its own worries. Other than keeping the Colts’ prolific offense at bay, the Bears have a potential weakness in the middle of their defensive line. The absence of defensive tackle Tommie Harris due to a season ending injury and the off-the-field issues surrounding defensive tackle Tank Johnson will have to be addressed.
There are also some X-factors, factors that have yet to be determined but that will play a role in the outcome of the game, which might have an impact.
The weather is a huge factor.A warm day with no rain, snow or wind would favor the Colts, whereas a cold day with a substantial amount of wind or rain could potentially turn the tide in favor of the underdog Bears.
Another X-factor is how the game will be officiated. If the game is closely officiated with the referees preventing the Bears from playing physical coverage on the Colts receivers the Colts will most likely have their way and a championship ring in their future.
The significance of the way the game is called cannot be understated.
The last X-factor that I will mention is the play of Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri and Bears quarterback Rex Grossman.
Vinatieri has kicked many game-winning field goals in the past while it is interesting to note is the English translation of the Latin first name of the Bears’ quarterback.
The Latin word ‘Rex’ in English means ‘king.’