Chronic Tacos: How to Score Some Chronic for Two Bucks

‘Hey bro, I guess I woke up with your chick this morning. My bad,’ says a heavily tattooed late-twenties or early-thirties guy sitting outside the Chronic Taco in Huntington Beach. It’s about three in the afternoon, but he has that groggy, just-got-out-of-bed-with-a hangover-and-isn’t-quite-with-it-yet air about him as he puffs on a cigarette and leisurely takes a bite out of his burrito from time to time.
His friend sitting across him takes a drag on his own cigarette, thinks for a moment, then shrugs his shoulders and says, ‘Huh. That was a weird night.’
I will always remember this conversation which I overheard the first time I went to the Chronic Taco in Huntington Beach. It accurately portrays the vibe of the place in every aspect.
Yes, friends, we are back in the familiar territory of Huntington Beach restaurants offering taco specials. For those who may not be as interested in this subject as I am, please bear with me. This is the last time I’ll talk about Taco Tuesdays in this column. I felt it was appropriate to hit the two most awesome taco spots near Irvine.
There’s a Chronic Taco in Newport right off Pacific Coast Highway with the same menu, but it’s really small and is basically a grab-your-food-and-go setup. The Huntington Beach chain offers indoor and outdoor seating, pool tables and the laid-back but kind of hardcore atmosphere that idealizes what Huntington Beach is supposed to be all about. There are a handful of beers on tap and a jukebox as well.
On Tuesdays, Chronic Taco offers several of its huge tacos