Global Warming Not Proven by Science

As it turns out, popular science does believe in the Apocalypse. However, instead of lifting the veil on truth, as etymologically implied, it seems to insist the world is ending, faulting humans themselves for causing a man-made global warming.
Throughout history, politicians have used fear to control their constituencies. Within the last century, however, they have been joined by corporations and the media in a massive orgy that purposefully provokes conflicts, crises and confrontations to further their respective goals.
Remember Y2K? Mad cow disease? What about SARS, bird flu, killer bees or any other ridiculous fear-mongering scheme employed by these powerful groups at the expense of the rest of us?
Perhaps it is too soon to predict, but I dare say our current global warming scare will one day lie alongside these others in the grave of hysteria, or at least will be seen for what it is