Los Angeles’ Team: Lakers or Clippers? Clippers.

With the recent success of the Los Angeles Clippers, the question has been asked: Who is L.A.’s team? Can a joke of an NBA franchise, the Clippers, even stack up to one of the NBA’s most celebrated, the Los Angeles Lakers? The answer may surprise you.
The Los Angeles Clippers are not only improved, but with some recent moves, they have shown that they plan to stay that way. They are not a ‘flavor of the month,’ but the basketball team that Los Angeles should cheer for.
Oh, we have seen our dark days. The Clippers franchise never should have left San Diego! They have been mired by a selfish owner, Donald Sterling, flagrantly less interested in making the playoffs than making a profit! Elgin Baylor, their vice president of basketball operations, was one of the greatest players to ever lace up his sneakers but as a general manager has been entertainingly incompetent at best.
The Clippers have made some of the most inexplicable moves in basketball history, like drafting University of the Pacific-project Michael Olowokandi with the first pick in the 1998 NBA Draft, ahead of future all-stars Mike Bibby, Vince Carter, Paul Pierce and Dirk Nowitzki.
The Clippers have also experienced plain bad luck