Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 ‘Vertigo’ Restored

It’s a shame the UC Irvine Film and Video Center didn’t schedule their Thursday, Feb. 8 screening of ‘Vertigo’ for Valentine’s Day; the film’s themes of obsession, deceit and disorientation seem perfectly suited to the occasion. Nevertheless, despite this lack of foresight, quite a crowd turned out to catch a newly restored 35mm print of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 cinematic masterpiece in all its big-screen glory.
Lauren Steimer, of the department of film and media studies, was on hand to introduce the film, which, though regarded by many today as Hitchcock’s greatest achievement, opened to less-than-stellar reviews back in 1958.
According to Steimer, who currently teaches a course on Hitchcock at UCI, this comes down to its ‘convoluted plot