Kitsch Bar: Good Drinks, Good Prices

A chic, darkened barroom exists rather unassumingly next to a sign that reads ‘Dentistry’ in a strip mall in Costa Mesa. The location is conveniently near the 405 and 73 freeways. The only indicator of the Kitsch Bar’s existence is an ‘Open’ neon sign. Perhaps you will see a handful of people, hanging around and smoking and an unassuming bouncer on a leather barstool.
So far, Kitsch is not particularly impressive. In fact, it’s rather normal as far as my experience with bars goes.
A word to the wise: Although most people tend to dress up for an evening out, even to a local bar, those who tend toward the casual may need to rethink their wardrobe. Flip-flops are strictly forbidden, which may be a problem unless you happen to be a hot chick. On the other hand, men, be sure to wear normal shoes if you want to get past the sidewalk and ‘Dentistry’ sign.
Once past the gauntlet of dress code and ID checks, the interior is dark and welcoming. Low tables and chairs crowd much of the medium-sized room. Booths line the walls. A slick black bar is well-stocked and has rather nice bartenders who flirt a great deal when they want you to buy another drink or two.
The clientele is primarily in their mid-20s to 30s, rather hip, rather well-dressed and not unfriendly. The bar staff is attentive and friendly, eager to mix up any drink you might think of with a complete collection of alcohol at their disposal. Drinks are not exorbitant in price and were well-mixed. The Malibu rum and Coke, as well as the scotch (the cheapest kind available, please) and water, make for excellent drinks.
A few distractions are available. Oddly, a vintage sit-down video game sits in a corner, waiting to gobble up quarters from people taking their pick of old favorites such as Pac-Man. A DJ is in another corner, though mostly one finds it very easy to ignore his existence. Although I suppose it is nice to have a live DJ about, his presence is essentially negligible. A film plays over the bar, on mute. Mirrors line the remainder of the walls.
Most notable for its well-stocked bar and stylish but classic surroundings, Kitsch Bar offers a slick, unassuming watering hole for the less-ostentatious, sometimes-hipster. As with most bars, the atmosphere is greatly improved if one is in excellent company. Therefore, consider enjoying Kitsch with some friends rather than trolling for a companion for the evening.
Kitsch Bar is located at 891 Baker Street, Costa Mesa.