Will 2007 Be Another ‘Year of Abroad’ for students?

While the start of winter quarter meant a whole new set of professors and tests for UC Irvine students, Marcella Khelif and the Center for International Education welcomed January with a sigh of relief and excitement.
With 2006 officially declared the ‘Year of Study Abroad,’ the CIE office has put in numerous hours promoting Education Abroad Programs and building all types of new programs and Web sites to make it easier for any Anteater to sign up. After that year of constant work, the CIE office is definitely reaping the benefits.
The ‘Year of Study Abroad’ was more than just a declaration of the United States Senate in November of 2005, but a culmination of many events that all lead to one conclusion: Studying abroad can significantly enhance someone’s education. A commission established by Congress released a report called ‘Global Competence and National Needs: One Million Americans Studying Abroad in November 2005.’ This report called the nation to make ‘studying abroad the norm and not the exception’ in order to ‘position this and future generations of Americans for success in the world.’
With statistics showing that 17 percent of all American jobs will deal with international trade, it is essential for college students