Your Guide To A Perfect Valentine’s Day: Part 3

For 364 days of the year, you’re encouraged to be self-reliant and completely content by yourself. However, thanks to Hallmark and other masters of marketing, we have been brainwashed to believe that on Feb. 14, you are a complete loser if you are alone. Perhaps not.
Imagine suffering a horrendous breakup the week before Valentine’s Day. This sad but true event happened to my roommate, Alley. The dreaded day was fast approaching and her good friend Steve had offered to take her out on Valentine’s Day to cheer her up. However, as soon as they got to the sushi restaurant, Steve began ordering multiple Belvedere martinis and expensive sashimi.
As the evening wore on, Steve became more inebriated and actually began to whistle at other women as they walked by. In the midst of buying other women drinks and the disgusting perversions pouring out of his mouth, the bill came and as Steve took out his credit card, he told Alley, ‘We’ll split this.’ Stunned, she reached for her credit card and handed it to the waitress. The waitress promptly returned, explaining that Steve’s card had been declined.
Furious, Alley signed the receipt for $235 and promised herself that on the following Valentine’s Day, she would buy herself a box of chocolates and give herself a spa day. So this year, if your dreams of romance, roses and chocolates never materialize, things could be worse.