Your Guide To A Perfect Valentine’s Day: Part 4

Other than Christmas, Valentine’s Day is by far the most emphasized day for gift-giving. Forget the turkey and Santa; cupid has his sharp arrows pointed directly at every man’s wallet. For those lucky enough to get away, they may celebrate Singles Awareness Day by spending their hard-earned money in the form of self-love, but for the unfortunate others, the spirit of consumerism haunts them through every Hallmark store and flower shop. Gifts for both men and women may range from the romantically extravagant to the overtly erotic, but is this love?
In my opinion, love should be unconditional. It is not about the ‘who,’ ‘what’ or ‘why’ but about the ‘how.’ How does one love? How do you express it and how much?
According to a friend of mine, the most romantic gift she has ever received was a simple but endearing gesture of consideration. Every special occasion that she has spent with her boyfriend of two years has included generic flowers or a dinner. Their relationship soon grew dull and predictable, so last Valentine’s, he decided to change their usual routine by offering to cook dinner rather than going out. Not knowing what to expect, she showed up to find two bowls and a bottle of milk with a single box of alphabet cereal in between. Upon closer inspection she realized that the cereal letters were laid out in the form of a mini-love letter.
She was impressed by his creativity, but she said that the highlight of the night was finding a double-sided picture frame with one side displaying their photograph and the other with a timeline of important dates since their first encounter. Though the gift wasn’t grand, the gesture revealed how much she’d meant to him.