Know Your Lanes: The Coming Changes in Aldrich Park

By now, you are no doubt aware of the rather unpopular cycling ban on Ring Mall. Despite the protests of UC Irvine’s bike-riding community, including weekly letters to the editor of the New University, the administration is standing firm on this one.
Perhaps as a point of concession, the ‘inner ring’ that encircles Aldrich Park was repainted; the white dividing line and ‘Bikes’/’No Bikes’ signs on the pavement were replaced with a single yellow line, presumably demarcating a narrow lane for pedestrians. This was later supplemented with a white line down the middle of the bicycle side.
According to New U sources, additional lanes will be created to further control Aldrich Park traffic. In light of the recent announcement that, as of spring quarter, walking in the bike lane carries a $25 fine, this is alarming news indeed, especially for those students who haven’t been able to determine just what the existing lane divisions mean.
For those who are concerned about these developments, below is a full breakdown of how the new lanes will be utilized, starting with the outermost lane