New University Oscar Predictions: Best Actor in a Leading Role

All of the acting categories are going to be tough this year, but you gamblers out there are probably going to get screwed by Best Actor in particular. Here is what it comes down to.
Veteran thespian Peter O’Toole has never won an Oscar and this is probably his last chance, considering he is in the twilight of his life. His role in ‘Venus’ has been celebrated by critics, but John and Jane Doe have not even heard of the movie, let alone seen it.
Forest Whitaker has been getting a lot of attention and awards for his portrayal as Idi Amin Dada in ‘The Last King of Scotland,’ and deservedly so. Again, not a lot of people have seen ‘The Last King of Scotland,’ which, despite its faults, is a fine film. There is also the issue of the Academy Awards tending to be a mostly white institution that usually awards white people, though there is a refreshing number of people of color nominated this year.
In the end I have to go with O’Toole. The Academy won’t pass up an opportunity to give this man an award before he dies.