Chuck Close Prints

Imagine drawing a colorful circle in a diamond-shaped box. Now repeat, but this time let’s make the circle green and orange. Replicate the exact image again and throw in some pinks, yellows or blues but keep at it until you’ve covered an entire wall-sized portrait with this collection of colors and images.
Through Sunday, April 22, the Orange County Museum of Art is showcasing one of the most neurotically meticulous artists of this generation. The artwork of Chuck Close brings new meaning to pointillism and visual mapping through his latest exhibit called ‘Process and Collaboration.’
If the idea of simple geometric facial mapping seems too abstract to comprehend, then the only way to understand it is through recognizing the process behind Close’s art as well as the breakdown of printmaking.
A graduate of Yale University, Close first fell in love with the art of printmaking by exploring ancient collections from the university’s gallery. From famous artists like Rembrandt to D