Emo Kids and Their Useless Contributions to Society

In my LJ101A workshop, one of the coolest things that I learned about some of the greatest literary journalism pieces was the construction of the composite character.
So, I’m going to share with you my experience with a typical, bratty emo kid, whom I will fondly call, Josh Carrion the Emo Kid. Angsty Josh and Co. travel in hoards, infesting movie theatres, plaguing concert venues and contaminating the very air we breathe when we pass by them. However, before I move on any further, I will make the disclaimer that Josh Carrion is a composite character. Yet, a character we’re all too familiar with.
So, I’m sitting down at a general meeting for a community service club that I’ll just call Square K. Before the president arrives to give his spiel of upcoming service events, I’m checking up the latest update on PerezHilton.com. Yeah, I’ve been sucked into the world of celebrity trashings and thrashings (like you haven’t noticed from my other columns) but, hey, can you really say that you’ve never picked up a People Magazine before or at least been intrigued by a cover of US magazine? That’s what I thought.
Anyway, I happen to find something hilarious on the blog and share it with some friends in the club when I am so rudely interrupted by Josh the Emo Kid who retorts, ‘Why do you care about that stuff? It’s so