First Hydrogen Fuel Station in OC to Open

With this week’s grand opening of the first hydrogen fueling station in Orange County, UC Irvine hopes to delve further into the research of alternative fuels and sources of energy in an effort to stop or slow global warming and decrease worldwide dependency on oil.
The station hopes to provide a look at how drivers may fuel their vehicles in the future.
The grand opening of the hydrogen station will include fueling demonstrations, the display of hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles and an explanation of dual-pressure dispensing technology, which allows drivers to select the pressure at which to refuel their hydrogen vehicles. The event is organized by Air Products and UCI’s National Fuel Cell Research Center, which are collaborating on this U.S. Department of Energy and California South Coast Air Quality Management District Demonstration project.
The station’s opening will mark an incredible feat. Researchers at the university have always been interested in the study of alternative energy sources and fuels. In August 2006, Donald Dabdub and Jack Brouwer of UCI along with Scott Samuelsen, director of the National Fuel Cell Research Center at UCI, created the first scientific method for predicting the impact of small-scale generators on air quality