Hold On

‘Hold On’ is an appropriate title for Tyrone Wells’ latest album. He takes you on quite a bumpy ride through the album’s 12 tracks.
It seems that Wells is in his element when it comes to crooning mellow love ballads. For instance, ‘Looking in Her Face’ has a catchy love-song feel with mellow vocals and a soft violin in the background. This and other tracks, such as ‘Need and Sea Breeze,’ would be perfect candidates for some guy wanting to score points with his girlfriend by requesting a sweet song on KOST 103.5.
Wells is not providing us with anything new in songs like this, but at least they display his talent on both vocals and acoustic guitar, so you can sit back and relax to their flow.
However, you must actually ‘hold on’ (like the album warns) when Wells mixes it up and tries to throw pop, gospel, soul and rock into one song. The outcome of such an eclectic amalgam is the opposite of what one might think. Instead of being upbeat and enticing, tracks like ‘What Are We Fighting For?’ and ‘She’s Leaving’ have a very choppy beat and monotonous vocals, not to mention that Wells is also spewing some undeniably clich