Jason Call’s New Christian Calling

Jason Call has had a lot on his mind lately, but at his performance at the Glasshouse on Saturday, Feb. 17, the 20-year-old musician displayed the focus and determination of moving on with his life after leaving Daphne Loves Derby.
Without any bitterness or regret, and strumming his guitar with a tender nostalgia, Call began his show with the acoustic version of ‘Sundays,’ one of the most endearing singles off Daphne Loves Derby’s last album, ‘On the Strength of All Convinced.’
At the age of 20, Call has achieved the success that most young adults only dream about, touring across the United States, Europe and Japan as the bass guitarist in a popular rock band with childhood friends.
‘When we first started as a band we were all on the same page spiritually,’ Call said. ‘It was a great experience.’
A few years back in Kent, Wash., an overwhelmed Call had joined Kenny Choi and Stu Clay. All three members realized that they wanted to create music, and formed Daphne Loves Derby.
The band’s success accelerated at a high speed while they were only in their teenage years. Call appreciates the fact that his parents chose to trust, love and support his participation in the band.
Eventually, the pressure of the rock-and-roll lifestyle took its toll on Call, a practicing Mormon, who realized that, despite his blessings, he needed to start paying attention to other priorities in his life. The novelty of being in a rock band had worn off and Call searched for a more fulfilling purpose.
‘It was so much fun but I wanted to do something more uplifting,’ Call said.
Ask any musician who has been extensively touring like Call was when he was with Daphne, and he or she will tell you that it is very demanding, physically and emotionally.
‘It’s hard to keep your spirits up because you get tired, hungry and depressed but I guess the hardest thing was being in a dirty, dark rock club every night with loud music and so many distractions and temptations,’ Call said. ‘You don’t get much time for yourself.’
Immediately following his exit from Daphne Loves Derby, Call attended Brigham Young University. While he admits he isn’t particularly fond of Utah, he does love the school and people who he felt were ‘cool kids with good standards.’
Just because Call left Daphne doesn’t mean he has left music as well. Perhaps it was those Saturdays he spent as a child listening to his father’s Paul Simon and Chicago records that made music a strong presence in his life.
During his brief time in Utah, Call formed another group with his friend Steve Biringer called ‘The Climbing.’
Call signed with a Christian record label with the possibility of having an album out before his two-year mission in Peru, which begins on March 21.
Between songs, Call made the effort to promote Daphne’s newest album ‘Good Night, Witness Light,’ the last one he completed with his former band.
Call’s last song of the night was ‘Starting Over New,’ a song from his new solo album that describes the sacrifices he made upon leaving Daphne.
After finishing his last show, Call had offers of a free trip to Disneyland, a cookie and more tattoos from the humble gathering of his supporters at The Glasshouse.
Though he is ever-grateful to his fans, in the end he chose to pack up an instrument that made such a significant impact on him in his teenage years.
‘Hopefully everyone can hang in there and we can get back together in two years and just continue to be close through music,’ Call said.