UCI Alum Is A Soldier and Gypsy in ‘Carmen’

When Georges Bizet’s well-known opera ‘Carmen’ first premiered 132 years ago, almost to the day, audiences were uncomfortable with its mix of serious and comedic tragedian elements. The opera flopped and Bizet died just three months into the run.
Today, ‘Carmen’ is a mainstay for operatic companies like Opera Pacific, whose performances of Bizet’s opera continue Thursday, March 8 and Saturday, March 10 at 7:30 p.m. at the Orange County Performing Arts Center.
Even if you can’t instantly associate the word ‘Carmen’ with the famous opera, you’ve probably heard the music, which has captivated the ears of busy college students and cultured opera connoisseurs alike.
Remember MTV’s ‘Carmen: A Hip Hopera’ featuring Beyonce in a modern, hip hop-infused adaptation of the classic opera? Well forget it, and kick yourself for thinking that that has anything to do with Bizet’s ‘Carmen.’
Opera Pacific’s performance of ‘Carmen’ does justice to this timeless music. If you haven’t heard the aria ‘Haba