Introducing UCI’s Improv Organizations: Live Nude People

‘Sex is like a tire! ‘Cause when you get laid, it’s a Goodyear!’
‘Sex is like a tire! ‘Cause when it’s bald, it goes flat!’
No, this is not an episode of ‘Sex and the City’; Try ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ It was one of the three meetings a week where the members of Live Nude People comedy troupe sharpened their skills in improvisation, or as the entertainment industry would call it, ‘improv.’
The members of the Live Nude People play the improv game ‘Sex Is Like…’ for the first time. Negin Singh, a third-year drama major and one of the three captains, chooses a topic to associate with sex. The players must explain why the topic is analogous to sex. The challenge: making it funny.
‘Sex is like glue! When you use it too much, you get stuck for life!’
Although it may be unbearably difficult for regular Joe Schmoes like me and you to make a joke or a pun off the top of our heads, these talented Nudes have a pretty good handle.
Every practice starts with 12 Nudes standing in a tight circle facing each other. There is talk of motivation, support, advice, news and one shared goal